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Barry Kennedy
Barry Kennedy began life as a comedian in 1985 when his friends dared him to appear on amateur night at a Vancouver comedy club. Four months later he was working professionally. Kennedy has acted in a number of television productions in Canada and the US. He has appeared as a headline act at all major Canadian Comedy Clubs, numerous shows in the United States, A & E's Comedy On The Road and as host and comic in the International United Nations Show Tour. Performance is in Kennedy's blood -- his father is actor Gordon Pinsent. Born in Winnipeg and raised in Vancouver, Kennedy studied physics and oceanography at Royal Roads Military College. His summers were spent in pilot training and on graduation be became "a young kid with a big toy" flying F101 fighter jets for the Canadian Armed Forces. And his talent just doesn't stop, he is author of two books Through the Deadfall and The Hindmost published by Doubleday. A never-ending delight to his listeners, Kennedy keeps his audiences in stitches as he plays with life's quaint ironies, from the quirks of relationships, to family matters, to all things Canadian.